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Compiled by Max Schefold in the commentaries in his 1965 facsimile edition. References in source file.

Relatively few of the many city views in Braun and Hogenberg’s Civitates Orbis Terrarum were provided by patrons. Patronage has changed and now consists of providing drawings without additional financial support. Of special significance is the large cluster of patrons in Holstein, the most northern Duchy in the Holy Roman Empire. Duke Heinrich Rantzau (1526-98) was Braun and Hogenberg's most important patron. As learned astronomer and governor of Holstein, Rantzau was in a good position to obtain drawings of the cities in this region, which had not been depicted in Münster’s Cosmographia. Like Sebastian Münster’s noble patrons, Duke Rantzau provided genealogical views. The emphasis in these views is on Rantzau's ancestral lineage as expressed by his castle and the castles of his sons with are all depicted in the views. Rantzau's own castle depicted in the view of Tønder, seen on the left.

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